Freelance instructor - in all things equine

I am a freelance instructor who can arrange group, private or clinics at your own yard or a yard of your choice.

I can also arrange stable management days, birthday parties, fun gymkhanas, pony days and all manner of equine adventures.

I also offer coaching with you at competitions



BHS PTT (with distinction) and UKCC Level 2

BHS Stage 3 care (with distinction)

BHS Stage 1 and BHS Stage 2 (both with distinction)

Riding & Road Safety

Loading and Travelling horses certificate (over 8 hours)

Foundation course in John Pitts "Fit to Ride"

Equine in Motion massage course

Coursea Feeding and nutrition course in equine

Qualified First Aider

“Whatever you do - do it with purpose”
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07590 411358

23 Sunnyside, Stansted  CM24 8AU

Nichola Smith
Nichola Smith (BHS PT) 
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