Nichola is a very sympathetic and knowledgeable teacher. My horse has been injured for the last 2 years so our direction and goals for the sessions was to slowly build him back up. At the time of my lessons he was only in very light canter work so a lot of focus was placed on establishing a balanced, rhythmical trot with the creation of an uphill frame to prevent heavy compression on forelimb where his injury was.

The exercises Nichola taught were very beneficial to my horse’s progress and she was very patient when learning new exercises, not moving on until we had completed it correctly. If I queried why we were doing an exercise, Nichola was very capable of explaining the benefits the exercise had for both horse and rider. The exercises were still fun for both myself and my horse, keeping the horse constantly interested and this really helped prevent any evasive behaviour being started. (Chianna, Detling 12/2014)